How Warrior Fitness Zone can change your life

Welcome to Warrior Fitness Zone, top rated Yoga, Martial arts and Skating Academy. We appreciate the opportunity to help you and your family achieve your goals. Warrior Fitness Zone offers, pre-school martial arts classes (ages 3-4), kids martial arts programs (ages 6-12) kick boxing classes (teen- adult), and family martial arts classes. Warrior Fitness Zone specializes in teaching students important life skills such as; self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, laser beam focus and leadership traits that will last a life time. Warrior Fitness Zone’s found Master Kailash Rrathod.

Classes For Kids

During the first five or six years of life, children do well alone or in groups for physical activities, but cannot grasp the concept of competition until they are closer to school age.

Classes for Yung

Show you new exercises, which will give you a varied workout that will challenge your body in different ways.

Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer can transform your workout. The motivation, advice and encouragement they provide is often the reason our members not only achieve, but exceed their goals.

Special Women Classes

Maybe it's an upcoming wedding, reunion or simply wanting to look good in a bikini for summer -- you've probably been in these kinds of situations where you want a flat stomach fast. You can flatten your tummy in three weeks by following a cardio-based and abdominal exercise routine done five times per week to maximize successful results.


How Warrior Fitness Zone can change your life

Master Kailash Rathod is a role model and mentor for his students and staff at Warrior Fitness Zone. Master Kailash Rathod leads by example and is an inspiration for all who attend the academy. His dedication to his students is unsurpassed and he brings out the very best in every student. Master Kailash Rathod believes in order to be an effective teacher you cannot just preach about “Black Belt Excellence” but you must live it as well.This is evident because not only is he our Master Instructor but he is also a student himself.


Dr. Seema Rathod

Yoga Teacher(Women coach)

Mr Kailash Rathod

Master Sempai

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Master Sensai

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