Cobra Pose - Bhujangasana:

Hello everyone and welcome to Warrior Fitness Zone. I am Kailash Rathod. Today we are here to learn Bhujangasana and it has also call Cobra Asana this asana is a backward bench chest opening asana it is also a beginner asana a beginner level student can practice this asana if you see anatomically when we perform this asana our hands our shoulders our lungs our chest gets affected positively and also the belly, the pelvic region and also the buttocks gets affected not only that the spine the lower back also gets affected because of this if you see the benefits of this asana.

This asana is very good for the people who have asthma also, people who suffers from sciatica it is also one of the best asana for them friends if you have fatigue if you have tiredness if there is lack of energy Bhujangasana will bring energy and remove the fatigue inside the body also when you perform this asana it can help to increase the digestive fire or it increases the digestion so Cobra Pose is also very good for digestive system when you do Cobra Pose it stretches the spine and also strengthen the chest and the shoulders along with the abdomen region friends when you do this asana the buttocks can become firm and also it will increase zeal and energy inside the body now those who have headache problem they should avoid this those who have hurt their back or those who have injured their back they should also avoid this those who have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome problem of the wrist they will also avoid this particular practice and during pregnancy this practice is also avoid if you are having headache don’t practice it at that point of time just relax your body let us come into the practice now this practice is done in a prone position lying to through the abdomen so we will lie down on the abdomen feet together, hands by the side of the body, forehead on the ground this can be the starting position and shoulder are relaxed then you bring the chin forward and bring both the hands by the sides of the chest now when you bring the palms by the side of the chest your thumb should get align with your nipple line don’t bring the palms too much forward than the shoulders will drop don’t bring the palm too much behind because then it will bring a lot of strain in the upper middle back region so the hands should come the palm should come by the side of the chest and fingers are nicely placed palms nicely placed on the floor the thumb aligned with the nipple then also stretch your legs so that the pelvic region can come nicely down on the floor and the lower back can lengthen so that there is less compression on the lower back after that what you do, you start lifting from the chin you lift from the chin up from the throat up from the chest up and then as you go up you don’t your hands to come up you let the palms have minimum wait if you want to lift the palms of the floor still you should be able to sustain and hold the position and very important point is don’t let the chin go too high then there is lot of compression in the neck we don’t want that let the neck be tall let the upper back and the head get aligned it is okay if the chin does not go too high what is more important in this asana is to open the chest and the shoulder region so that there is nice stretch in the spine and we can increase our breathing capacity through this asana.

let us do it now just legs are nice and tall lengthen the lower back palms by the side of the chest elbows in lot of time when the elbows starts dropping it will turn the shoulders rotate internally then the chest will not open so when you press the elbows in actually your shoulders are internally rotated let us do it chin up chest up elbows closer to the body and just remain here feel that you are lengthening the spine and opening the chest no matter if you only reach here that is fine we don’t want to go all the way up by using the hands using minimum weight of the powers hold here for few breaths you can hold for about 3 breaths in the beginning and as you keep on repeating the practice you can reach to also about 5 breathe to 7 breaths breathe gently and slowly and feel the impact of the breath reaching towards the abdomen and lower back when you want to come down bring the chest down bring the throat down then bring the chin down and then the forehead down then bring the hands by the side of the body turn your face on one side and relax for a while after every asana that you do you will relax for some time so that the strain which has come when performing the Asana can get released also the muscles which were used they can come to the state of rest and the breathing which is sometimes becomes heavier that can also settle down friends Bhujangasana can help us to prepare for all the backward than asanas and this is the primary asana which will help the spine to open nicely but also taking care of those persons who are very new to into the practice. Namaste :)