Corpse Pose - Savasana

upward plank pose

Namaste and Hello everyone and welcome to Warrior Fitness Zone. I am Kailash Rathod. today we are here to learn about Corpse Pose or Savasana friends this Savasana is a very retroactive asana it is believed to be the most simplest asana but also at same time it is very difficult because simple why simple you just lying down on the back doing nothing actually and that is the reason why it also becomes difficult because your mind has to be continuously present, present in what you're doing at that point of time may be either focusing on some Parts of the body and allowing them to relax or may be focusing on the breath or on the sensations so to keep the mind focus continuously it's challenging but also as you keep it practicing regularly it will happen easily anyone can do, in fact I would say you should always end your session with savasana don't forget Savasana because it is a masterpiece. It can actually rejuvenate yourself completely at both the levels at the level of the body and also at the level of the mind.

Friends if you see the benefits of Savasana it allows you to calm down and it is also very good for depression for people suffering from high blood pressure people who have headaches and neck problem, people who find difficult to sleep they can also practice this savasana. I would suggest if you can at the end when you when the day ends when you're lying down on the bed going to sleep if you can do a short savasana it can help you to fall asleep and that is the reason why when you do savasana the sleep quality improves, high blood pressure if it's there it will allow the blood pressure to come under control and it is one of the best stress buster it can relieve the stress lot of time when we lie down at night when we are sleeping still carry lot of tension and worries with us Savasana will help to reduce all these worries and stress that we carry and it will keep the stress and worries at the bay and that is the reason why the name itself is a Corpse pose we should be like a Dead Body how a dead body is not affected by anything in the same way we should also be not affected by anything especially when we are at the end lying down at night so that we can keep everything at bay most of the time of the mind is very active we cannot relax completely and the next day when we wake up we still find that we want to sleep little more we keep on pressing the snooze button because the sleep that we have got is not enough the main reason is the mind is very active if you keep on doing Savasana regularly it will help to release the fatigue and tension that comes at the physical level and mostly at the Mental level so friends keep practicing this Savasana in fact every day now there is just one contraindication and it is mostly related to posture lot of time when we lie down it is very difficult to keep lying down on the back completely flat after some point of time we will find that there is some strain on the back and that is the reason why whenever you lie down you should bend your leg and the knees so when both the leg and the knees and let the feet bit apart hip with apart the distance between the feet the distance between the knee is hip with apart the reason is when we bend the leg and the knee the lower back becomes completely flat so lower back won’t feel any difficulty or strain and we can continue sustaining this position to little longer period of time what you can also do is you can bend both the leg and the knees and keep a bolster or pillow below the knee and then straighten as the knees are little bend the lower back becomes little more closer to the floor it also becomes flat to the floor and it can also release a brim the lower back into a straight feel of relaxation so friends practice Savasana will be very nice now let’s see the techniques there are certain things that we should keep in mind when we do Savasana so savasana is a supine asana lying on the back let’s lie on the back not with a flat back by straining the back but with the support of the hands and then turning around.

Friends if you find the lower back arch will remain because that’s how the natural curvature of the lower back is so when you do savasana if you want to do it for longer period of time you can bend your leg and the knees this allows the lower back to become completely flat also there is some distance between the feet and some distance between the knee. If you find any uncomfortable at the neck region you can roll a towel and keep it below the neck also now when you are relaxing especially with leg straight lot of people have this tendency to keep the feet very active even when they are relaxing there both the feet are parallel to each other if you keep your feet like this the hip and the lower back region is used and that is the reason why when we relax we should first allow the feet to drop on the sites so the moment you drop your feet on the sites no matter from where it comes not forcing the big and the small to come down on the floor you just drop the feet this will relieve some stress and tension from the lower back and also some tension from the hip area this region will become little relaxed the hip pelvic region will relax now lot of time people find strain in the shoulder so what they can do is they can actually have their opposite shoulder blades and stretch them allowing the shoulder blades to go away from each other so hugging and pulling is nicely and then relaxing it you will find that the shoulders can also relax there and one more thing we can also use this we can stretch the arm away and drop completely this will allow the arms also to go little away from the ear and it will stretch and open the doll through region the middle path of the spine and it will allow you to relax from the upper middle back also so Friends whenever you do this you can also doing the little close to the chest so that the neck is elongating if you find difficult you can allow the head to come to its next position so that there is no discomfort at any point of time if you want to use a small rolled towel you can also use that.

Other the way of relaxing or when we are going to Savasana what we can do is we can tighten certain parts of the body and let them relax because when we tighten them and after that when we can relax It is seen that they can relax more easily and also more deeply now how to tighten the body so we will tighten the legs, we will tighten the hands we will tighten the face and finally we will tighten every part of the body see how to tighten the legs what we can do if we can find the tightening the legs inhaling holding tightening them tightening them tightening them and then dropping them when we drop legs can relax nicely and profusely and then we can raise the hand close the face tighten the face tighten the face and drop them then tightening the face friends because we carry lot of tension of the face so this tightening of the face exercise can help to relief the stress the tension and the stress also from the facial muscles so tightening the face and then releasing. Every we will inhale we will tighten when we are holding the breath and as we release we also exhale so do it together now we inhale now we lift the body tighten and let go then remaining Savasana friends, when you do Savasana it is a masterpiece and if you can learn this art of doing Savasana you can literally create a nice balance between the body and mind both of them can come into a state of relaxation both of them will come into state of control this model world is full of stress and tension friends savasana that is why becomes very compulsory if you can practice this. Namaste :)