Bow Pose - Dhanurasana

Namaste and Hello everyone and welcome to Warrior Fitness Zone. I am Kailash Rathod. today we are going to learn Bow Pose or Dhanurasana. Bow Pose is a seated chest opening asana friends if you see anatomically the whole of the front of the body gets nicely stretch when you perform this asana right from the ankle to the knee to the thighs also the growing and the pelvis the belly, the chest, the shoulder and the neck this all stretch nicely also it has a nice impact on the spine.

Benefits: Benefits of this asana is very good, for the people suffering from asthma people who have anxiety this is also very good for them those who have menstrual disorder this asana can play a very important role to manage and regulate the menstrual problems. If you see your balance in the abdomen at that is a reason why this asana is also very good for people suffering from digestion. Friends when you perform this asana this asana can help to remove or release the fatigue and bring energy back this asana strengthens the spine and also strengthens the front of the body if you do with the hip-deep hip flexors or the psoas muscles are stretches beautifully. Also, when you do this the shoulders and the upper back muscles are stretched nicely people will find that the breathing pattern improves when we practice this asana also friends it improves the posture because the spine stretches nicely the posture becomes better when you practice this. when you are lying on the abdomen all the organs which are there inside the abdomen gets beautifully massaged and that is the reason why it has a very good impact on all the organs which are there inside the abdomen it improves gets functioning.
Let’s start how to perform this asana this asana is done in a prone position lying on the abdomen the starting position for all the prone asana is feet together chin on the ground or if you are comfortable put it on the ground, hands by the side of the body and shoulders relaxed. Now we enter into the asana so what we do is we bring the chin forward then we remain here for a while then we will bend both leg and the knees lot of time people when they do this they will find that the pelvis is going off the floor so to make things easier we can keep blanket below the abdomen towards the pelvic region also so that the contact of the pelvis in the abdomen is nice and on the ground we are not straining the lower back because of this so if you want you can keep a blanket below the abdomen pelvic region after bending the legs you can stretch the ankle after catching the ankle what you will do is you will stretch the toes towards yourself so that your maintaining the feet active when you keep your feet, active.
Friends it will engage thighs it will engage the cords it will also engage the pelvis and the buttock region so that the impact on the lower back is less after holding the ankle after keeping or activating the feet keeping the legs active then we are going to lift up lifting up from the chin then from chest and knees together just watch this after holding stretch the toes in now lift we are lifting from the chin and chest together friends when we do this lot of time we will find that it's difficult to come up from the lower back or from the legs region up also when we do this we have to roll the shoulders we have to externally open rotate the shoulders outward so that the chest has a face to open up one more thing that we can do is to increase or to increase the height of the knee while lifting the legs much higher is you should feel that that as if you are pushing the ankle away from you and up so we should feel that the hands are being pushed away and up don't bend the hand at the elbow lot of time people when they do like this bending the elbow it's difficult to raise so what we need to do is we need to open the shoulder open the chest now after keeping the feet active we will let the ankle go away from the body so can you see it becomes easier for the chest to lift and then we will use the hands to lift the ankle up to the seed just watch as you push the ankle up it actually allows the lower extremity to rise higher. This makes it easier lot of time it looks little awkward when the only chest is lifting when you can lift your legs also it will have a nice impact on the lower back In fact sometimes the impact on the lower back is very intense and it is also very good for the belly you will find as if you are balancing on your belly and little below the belly in that position let's do this once again what you need to keep in mind you need to breathe so that the asana becomes easier to sustain in the body one more time lengthening the body, shoulders relaxed, chin on the ground, bending the legend the knee, holding the ankle, stretching the toes in and then rolling the shoulders lifting the chest pushing the ankle away and lifting the knees higher. Keep breathing hold the position to keep breathing if possible tries to lift higher than this after folding few breaths release bring the thighs down bring the chin down and release your hands release your legs turn your face on one side and relax your breath friends when you do this asana has a beautiful impact especially on the abdomen and it stretches the spine nicely friends this Dhanurasana can be very helpful for the advanced backward bend asana.Namaste :)
Contraindications and Cautions

People who have high or low blood pressure or those who suffer from insomnia those who have serious neck and backache injuries they should avoid doing Dhanurasana.