Moon Pose - Ardha Chandrasana

Namaste and Hello everyone and welcome to Warrior Fitness Zone. I am Kailash Rathod, today I am going to teach you shashankasana it is known as a rabbit pose also known as moon pose so shashank means in Sanskrit moon and rabbit also because of the calming effect of this asana, its also called as moon pose so let's go further into the practice.

Today I will take you step by step into the pose but before going further into learning the contraindications must be known so the first and most important if you have a knee injuries please avoid this pose you can hurt yourself more if you have spinal injuries shoulder injuries or neck pain please avoid this pose the pain will becomes higher and you will not feel comfortable in your practice during the practice after the practice or if you have a reverse curve in your neck please avoid this pose let's go further the benefits comes along with the practice so first I’m coming from here to table top pose knees apart hip with distance palms apart shoulder with distance maybe you are here with tuck foot now you need to extend your ankles back pointing toes back pointing toes back and pressing the both top of the both feet down to the mat.

Now from here move your palms in in underneath your shoulder now from here slowly move your head down to the mat and placing the front of the head down not the crown not the forehead of front of the head down to the mat so now from here I'm going to push to my palm and start rolling my buttocks under slightly and pushing my hips forward nice I can see the round back my vertebrae are opening in opposite directions. I can feel really nice stretch in my neck I can feel really nice stretch in my shoulders so when releasing the necks releasing the shoulder sand giving flexibility in upper back area now I can feel little stretch in my glutes it releasing the sciatic nerves now hold the pose I'm closing my eyes and taking few breaths it gives the calming effect to the brain if you are here to hold the pose you can extend your one arms behind and hold your calf another arms behind and hold your calf for beginners sit down on your heels placing forehead down extending arms back and then pressing the top of the head down but if you have a reverse curve in your neck forward shoulders so this variation is better for you placing forehead down you're not missing the top of the head down placing forehead down to have safe practice steps are important to getting into the pose the contraindications you must follow to have a safe practice. Namaste :)