Child Pose | Balasana:

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Warrior Fitness Zone, I am Kailash Rathod let us recapture the joy and fascination of being like a baby yes let this are we all have a divine child within us and let us explore that divine child within us. This go-to rest pose opens hips and relieves lower-back tightness.

Friends it’s a pose that people really laugh and enjoy it the name is Ananda balasana or it's also known as a happy baby pose or blissful baby pose so friends it's a great enjoyment it's great massage to the spine you're rolling front and back side to side and it's sheer laugh and happiness, so it's a great core exercise also so it comes into a beginner level forward bend and it's a great hip opener so specially women with pregnancy and menstruation should avoid that pose and if you have a knee injury or a neck injury just be careful support your head on a blanket in case you find some strain coming on your neck otherwise just enjoy it and before you get into the practice little bit of preparation is required

So a Balasana that is a child pose or a Veerasana would be great before you get into a Ananda Balasana that is a blissful baby pose friends now let us get into the practice so here we lie down on your back in supine position and from here I flex my right leg my left leg and from here I take it out bend the knee hold my big toe the knee and the ankle should be in one line I'll make it out and I maintain that position and I breathe now here I can roll side to side and enjoy that pose roll front to back and enjoy that pose friends if you find any strain coming on the back please add a pillow a small pillow behind the neck and just enjoy the pose now feel the stretch on your groin so it's a great blood circulation to the pelvic diaphragm and you can feel a wonderful stretch on your hamstrings and just breathe coming back slowly releasing it taking the knees to the chest and down slowly friends this is a pose that creates a nice blood circulation in the whole pelvic region friends Ananda Balasana strengthens the arms legs and back it stretches the inner groin and spine it calms the mind and distresses the body improves digestion so good for the lower back and periodic cramps for women relaxes the sacrum brings the heart rate down because it's a happy baby pose you're really enjoying that pose also it releases tension from the lower back squatting has a black foe to the pelvic diaphragm so it's great for infertility also friends these were the benefits of ananda balasana or a blissful baby pose.

Extended Child's Pose together. Forehead comes down. You decide what feels best here on Day 2. Active arms, reaching the fingertips towards the front edge of your mat, or maybe a bit of a surrender. Can also take the palms together, walk the elbows in just a bit, and take the palms just up and over the back of the neck. We call this Namaste Shark Fin. I don't know if that's your thing or not, but it's my thing. Take a deep breath in. Try to relax anything that might be catching. So this could be a physical gesture or maybe you've been carrying around some weight. Maybe we can use this process here together to choose to let go of some of that weight, some of that stuff you've been carrying around so that we can consciously make space for the things we want to manifest, for the things we intend to cultivate and amplify. Inhale in deeply. Exhale completely as you release the palms back to the earthif they're lifted. Begin to rise back up, carving a little line with the nose. Again, this is the kitty catlike pushing a ball of yarn. Integrating the neck, we're gonna come back up, walk the knees underneath the hips, swing the feet to one side, any side, side saddle, and you're gonna come all the way through to lie on the back. Namaste :)

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Specially women with pregnancy and menstruation should avoid that pose
  • The Person with Carpal tunnel syndrome isseue